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It’s still up: my 2008 interview at AAJA

25 Aug


Political statement or Just plain love?

19 Aug

In talking about BlAsian love at my author events, I often get asked has my attraction recurrently for Black women been a political statement on my part or did I just fall in love with someone who happened to be Black? My belief is that I have fallen in love with a women’s personal culture and not necessarily the culture she was born into and vice versa. I think a part of that is that I didn’t accept steretypes of Black women and vice versa – which you could say is a political statement but a subtle one at that. So, it is kind of both political statement and just plain love put together.

What do you think?

BlAsian Narrative blog . . .

17 Aug

Based on my due diligence and raves of other BlAsian community folk,

I am highly recommending Ms. Ankhesen Mié‘s blog at

What do you all think?