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27 Feb

In responding to V’s post, I want to just say: your past follows you to the present if the two are closely linked. So if you an Asian man murdered a Black woman in cold blood (no matter what the circumstances), it is reasonable for any person to question your maintaining a site that encourages love between Black women and Asian men. Sure, there is the polemic that one person is not the site and the site is not one person but on some matters like this one you cannot just brush a murder off with that argument.  That’s my opinion; I said a lot more in the July post. And no more need be said.


It’s still up: my 2008 interview at AAJA

25 Aug

Political statement or Just plain love?

19 Aug

In talking about BlAsian love at my author events, I often get asked has my attraction recurrently for Black women been a political statement on my part or did I just fall in love with someone who happened to be Black? My belief is that I have fallen in love with a women’s personal culture and not necessarily the culture she was born into and vice versa. I think a part of that is that I didn’t accept steretypes of Black women and vice versa – which you could say is a political statement but a subtle one at that. So, it is kind of both political statement and just plain love put together.

What do you think?

BlAsian Narrative blog . . .

17 Aug

Based on my due diligence and raves of other BlAsian community folk,

I am highly recommending Ms. Ankhesen Mié‘s blog at

What do you all think?