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Yes, its been awhile . . .

7 Aug

I have put on hold all my fiction writing, including my sequel to BlAsian Exchanges, titled Black Woman Asian Man. I have been completing a nonfiction work which I’ve made the priority of my life the last several months. It is titled: “In Defense of Civil Rights: the 40 year history of the Asian Law Caucus.” Those who know me from my freelance writer/journalist days of the 1980s and 1990s know that the ALC was a group I wrote about not too infrequently during those years. Writing about this groups accomplishments, efforts, etc. was a reflection of my own progressive, political left of center positions on social issues such as immigration, hate violence, etc. And of course that writing generated my enterance into fiction with “BlAsian Exchanges, a novel.”

Not surprisingly, talking about BlAsian Exchanges to Black women around the country also generated more questions about ALC which is mentioned in BlAsian Exchanges. And that is one of the motivators behind “In Defense of Civil Rights.”

I hope to finish this book before the end of the year.

In the mean time, thanks to all of you who have stay tuned to this blog and have supported me by buying “BlAsian Exchanges.”

Take Care,