27 Feb

In responding to V’s post, I want to just say: your past follows you to the present if the two are closely linked. So if you an Asian man murdered a Black woman in cold blood (no matter what the circumstances), it is reasonable for any person to question your maintaining a site that encourages love between Black women and Asian men. Sure, there is the polemic that one person is not the site and the site is not one person but on some matters like this one you cannot just brush a murder off with that argument.  That’s my opinion; I said a lot more in the July post. And no more need be said.


3 Responses to “@V”

  1. Ankhesen Mié March 1, 2011 at 11:14 pm #


  2. HazelD March 28, 2011 at 9:14 pm #

    agreed dont back down..i feel like some women on the site are so dsprt for asian men to want them they are like oh well the past is the past..wait what? thats diff! but you know some ppl dont have standards when it comes to the morality of the website owner/ppl visiting it..

  3. susan April 27, 2011 at 10:51 pm #

    Well I left a few months ago. I did not feel comfortable with what he did in his passed. Plus he was supposed to be only released October 2010 as per his jailmail page: http://www.jailmail.net/vsovannmd.htm

    It seems that he built this site while he was still locked in. the facebook page and the site. This was planned a long time ago. was it a gimmick to make himself look like he changed? what is he really doing this site for ?

    Well to my surprise, months after leaving..months after leaving I get an email from V…

    an Invite to join the site again. I didn’t respond to it. Then another email appears, “It seems your account and email was accidentally deleted from the site.”

    I’m really hurt by what he did and I don’t feel comfortable going back. I can’t help to think that when you mentioned about some members of the site going out with some under age female members. With stuff like that going on and not being address.It also makes me wonder how he did he market/advertise the site? Was it advertise to the females as a community site and to the men as a undercover brothel??? Was advertised in foreign/ Asian languages to the men.That most of the females do not read or understand? Are the female member’s used in other ways without them knowing. I can’t put anything pass him. I’m not sure what to think anymore!!!

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