Political statement or Just plain love?

19 Aug

In talking about BlAsian love at my author events, I often get asked has my attraction recurrently for Black women been a political statement on my part or did I just fall in love with someone who happened to be Black? My belief is that I have fallen in love with a women’s personal culture and not necessarily the culture she was born into and vice versa. I think a part of that is that I didn’t accept steretypes of Black women and vice versa – which you could say is a political statement but a subtle one at that. So, it is kind of both political statement and just plain love put together.

What do you think?


One Response to “Political statement or Just plain love?”

  1. HazelD March 28, 2011 at 9:38 pm #

    i rlly dont know…a large part of american society is built around race and since there are so many things that happened that where not recorded in time..i mean when you think about the way ppl are portrayed and the relationship we all have together as not just diff races but as humans its interesting to see who we choose as mates..its really hard to define now… growing up i never thought asian men where an option..i just suddenly did…i dont know why i thought about it and opened myself up to whatever new ppl wanted to enter my life…maybe i wanted what i was told i couldnt “have” and that would never want me. I guess i have never liked the idea that as a human on this earth with humans who are relatively the same are said to be off limits to me. If everyone else can be with everyone and become a valued part of society not only intellectually but physically (beauty) why cant i? i want to love and make another person happy… i dont like when ppl say all genders from this specific race dont like this girl….taboo starts to play into a large part of IR dating

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