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Check out the Audrey and Dre mobisode!

6 Nov

is in big-time awe of the newest sensation on YouTube titled “Audrey and Dre” ( see This vid struck a responsive chord with me: good to see an Asian man who can dance, has a baaad walk, and more than talks his walk for Black women attraction. Also, good to see a Black woman sh…owing same love for Asian men. What do friends think? Did you know of this vid? Do you know what a mobisode is?

Many thanks and kudos to Kelley Co. Productions for seeing BlAsian!


To Kelley Productions . . .

2 Nov

Dear Ms. Kelley:

Thank you for your interest in my work. I’d like to work with you and maybe

we could talk more about this. Please check your gmail account as I have provided

my contact information.

Take Care,

Sam Cacas