What’s it all about . . .

16 Feb

“BlAsian Exchanges, a novel” utilizes ancient Greek Muse culture to showcase Black women-Asian men relationships [thus the coined term BlAsian] and narrates the story of Filipino American journalist-turned novelist named Earvin Ilokano’s search for his true voice as a writer explored through his recollection of his attraction for Black women and Black culture. To stoke the telling of his story, he recruits Black women on the internet as his muses and the resulting e-mail exchanges reveal endless details of the muses’ and Ilokano’s perspectives on Black-Asian cultural similarities/differences, historical commonalities, society’s images of Asian men and Black women, Ilokano’s penchant for the ancient Greek Muse culture, and his recurring search for his real voice as a writer. In between the e-mail exchanges are the articles Ilokano writes on hate violence, immigration policy, the common history of Asians and Blacks in this country, multicultural marketing, and many other social issues that bridge conflicts in this country today.

Please let me know your reactions to this plot.




One Response to “What’s it all about . . .”

  1. flora October 4, 2008 at 9:42 am #

    I am black and filipina. Poetry and music and singing is in my soul, beauty and art and laughter, strength, reasoning intellect and love. I am blessed to eat from two trees that share a common earth and bear wonderful fruit.

    Write on, my brother, my soul.

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